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Welcome to the premier source for optimising your learning environment. The energy industry operates in a highly regulated and complex environment. Rapid growth and a retiring workforce are one of the main challenges the industry is facing. As a result, you need targeted, cost-effective training solutions in order to meet your business objectives.

No matter where your organisation intersects the energy industry —Oil & Gas, Utilities, Nuclear, or Renewable Energy — Raytheon Professional Services can help increase the speed of learning and dramatically improve the knowledge base of your workforce, all while driving greater efficiencies.

You'll benefit from our years of experience working with high-consequence organisations such as the U.S. Army, NASA and the FAA. As a global leader in transforming learning environments within highly complex organisations, no one is better positioned to help your organisation transform your learning environment.

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RPS has demonstrated success across the entire learning value stream. Our global footprint and scale enable us to rapidly deploy established tools, processes and experience for our clients to accelerate the success of their training solutions.

Our industry-leading training products and services include:

Learning Strategy and Analysis

The purpose of this comprehensive strategic planning process is to ensure your learning strategy is aligned...


RPS’ Learning Diagnostic is built to assess an organisations value stream and create...

Blended and Distance Learning Solutions

To quickly and effectively extend the right skills, tools and knowledge across the enterprise, today’s...


In a rapidly changing business environment with greater demands and fewer resources, moving to Web-based training...

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Raytheon Professional Services excels at managing large scale, highly complex training solutions and helps companies resolve their most complex training needs by helping them align learning with their organization’s business goals.

Doug Harward
Learning Industry