Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting

RPS’ Performance Consulting services help organisations change from the inside out. Our consultants identify the potential locked within a client’s organisation. We collaborate with clients to create real, meaningful change at the speed of business. RPS’ performance consultants deliver on the following:

  • A rapidly developed, accurate view of the inner workings of an organisationA highly interactive, proven methodology that engages a client’s organisation to identify problem areas and develop and implement solutions
  • Powerful change, with enduring results
  • Seasoned, expert insights reflecting a unique combination of academic theory and corporate practice

Catalyst Engagement

The Catalyst Engagement is a transformational business encounter that quickly reveals the real workings of an organisation...

D³M Engagement

A D³M Engagement is a proven methodology that allows an organisation to better understand the data at its disposal and effectively use data to drive smart decisions...

InnovationStation Experience

The InnovationStation Experience is a proven method that results in new, creative ideas that can begin to transform an organisation...

Featured Case Study

To transform and grow its finance organization, a major aerospace and defense provider relied on RPS to develop and deploy a comprehensive curriculum, tool sets, communication channels and processes.

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