Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Turbo-charge your Mobile Learning with RPS Managed mLearning 

One of the biggest trends in business and society today is the shift to mobile. More than ever before, businesses rely on instantaneous information and communication. In fact, to stay ahead in the digital age, companies require learning solutions that are accessible, flexible and cost-effective. Mobile learning delivers on all counts. It effectively engages and educates employees whilst meeting the increased mobility needs of your workforce, ensuring your employees stay up-to-date and connected anytime, anywhere.

RPS Managed mLearning

Raytheon’s Managed mLearning™ unleashes the full power of mobile learning. Featuring advanced content distribution, management and tracking capabilities, RPS Managed mLearning™ forms an essential part of any blended learning solution. It allows learners to access content freely via phone, PC or tablet device, encouraging them to connect and collaborate through a variety of channels, such as forums, blogs and tweets. What is more, RPS Managed mLearning™ boasts a comprehensive range of reporting options, making it possible to synchronize learning results across a number of Learning Management Systems.

Benefits of RPS Managed mLearning

Ushering in a new era in mobile learning, RPS managed mLearning™:

  • Leverages the audience’s familiarity with mobile devices
  • Capitalizes on the popularity and portability of mobile devices
  •  Targets the younger generation’s learning style
  • Generates content that is not specific to any particular device
  • Manages  content delivery, sequencing and versioning
  • Provides bespoke reporting on training results
  • Embraces mobile learning as part of an integrated training solution