Activate your Business Agility

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizational agility is key. Businesses that want to stay at the forefront of their industry need to move swiftly and decisively to deploy the right set of skills, tools and behaviours across the entire organisation. In the process, they often need to overcome a series of challenges and constraints, such as the geographic dispersion of learners, cultural barriers and technological limitations. 

e-Learning – Your Engine for Change

To help them manage change within the organization, more and more businesses are turning to e-learning. What makes e-learning instantly attractive to businesses, big and small, is that it combines accessibility and affordability with the flexibility to customize the training to your needs and requirements.

RPS, a leader in the e-learning space, offers a suite of high-impact solutions that effectively prepare employees for the critical tasks of today as well as the pressing business challenges of tomorrow. Research-based, field-tested and above all hands-on, RPS e-learning solutions will give your business a clear competitive advantage and help you achieve breakthrough results.

RPS e-learning solutions are carefully designed to complement each other, giving your employees the skills they need and your business the edge it cannot do without.

The RPS e-learning solutions feature the following:

  • Web-based training
  • Virtual classroom training
    • VILT360  – A first step towards integrating virtual training. Learners come together in the classroom, but the instructors are virtual.
    • VCT360 – The entire classroom is virtual. Courses are recorded for on-demand playback.
    • vBroadcast360 – Think TV broadcast. vBroadcast360 comes into its own when you need to inform, not train. It allows you to convey important information quickly to a geographically dispersed audience.
  • Mobile learning – unleash the full power of mobile learning with RPS Managed mLearning
  • Convertix –turn your instructor-led training materials into instructionally sound Web-based courses


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