Raytheon Convertix

Raytheon Convertix

Time to Optimise Your Training Approach?

Discover the benefits of converting some or all of your instructor led training (ILT) to Web-based training (WBT) available anywhere, anytime. Convertix,™ Raytheon’s turnkey course conversion solution, can help lower your training delivery costs and extend the reach of your courses. The result: a more efficient and effective way to expand the knowledge and skills of your people.

Convertix Makes It Easy to Take Action 

In a highly competitive, rapidly changing business environment with greater demands and fewer resources, moving to Web-based training can be a game changer. It can also present significant challenges, and converting ILT to WBT courses on your own can be a costly, time consuming effort. Convertix offers a winning alternative — a complete solution with all the tools, processes and support you need to make the conversion quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Convertix turns your instructor-led training materials into instructionally sound Web-based courses — not just Web-based versions of your instructors’ PowerPoint presentations. It also enhances the learning experience by adding interactive features and other engaging elements that increase learners’ interest and retention. Throughout the conversion process, collaboration is key. Raytheon Professional Services training experts work closely with you to ensure that your new WBT courses meet your organisation’s needs.

Convertix Turnkey Course Conversion Benefits

  • Lowers training delivery costs while making training more accessible
  • Helps learners achieve proficiency faster by reducing time spent in class
  • Provides all the tools, processes and services required to create instructionally sound WBT courses
  • Raytheon-designed Content Readiness Assessment enables rapid conversion
  • Quick knowledge transfer process captures the essence of instructors’ live presentations
  • Experienced course designers provide guidance on course interactivity level and learning enhancements (graphics, animation, narration, knowledge checks)
  • Collaborative course review ensures that all your expectations are met



Featured Case Study

RPS used its Convertix course conversion solution to enable Web delivery of training originally created for the rollout of APEX and PRISM at a global training, logistics and engineering solutions company.

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