RPS Backgrounder
Summarises our award-winning capabilities, global reach and insight, and business results achieved for clients.

RPS Virtual Classroom Training
Increases training reach and effectiveness by connecting students via the Web to “live” trainers, subject matter experts and peers.

RPS Learning Management System
Summarises the services we offer to help you design, implement and optimise a learning management system that fits your precise needs and that integrates with any of your existing processes, systems and portals.

RPS Training Administration Services
Summarizes the training administration services we offer to clients, incl. training and event administration and management, campaigning, evaluation and reporting, training and event resource management, certification administration and management, billing process support and LMS administration.

RPS Product Launch Training Services
Summarizes our pan-European sales launch services designed on the basis of innovative learning techniques to provide your retail network with knowledge, skills and excitement to quickly push the new product into their local markets.

Hi-Con Brochure
Gives you an overview on our Hi-Con Training Programme which we offer together with Petrofac at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre (JSC). This unique training facility at JSC provides an environment that enables some of the most authentic emergency simulations in the world.

Oil & Gas Fact Sheet
From training every NASA astronaut to training air traffic to controllers for the Federal Aviation Administration, we help high-consequence organisations effectively deliver learning solutions that optimise safety in high-stakes environments. This fact sheet describes the capabilities we offer to Oil & Gas organisations that enable them to increase effectiveness and improve learning outcomes.

Additional Resources

RPS EMEA General Purchasing Conditions
Describes the purchasing terms and conditions of Raytheon Professional Services covering issues from payment to confidentiality.