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Raytheon Provides Global Training Efficiencies to Automotive Manufacturer

GM NA IPC provides sales and service support for vehicles built in North America that are exported to locations around the world. GM has turned to Raytheon to provide the technical service training and support to approximately 40 Master Trainers from around the globe. The Launch Training Team conducts several extensive Train-the-Trainer (T3) sessions annually and also delivers additional specific training upon request.

Business need
In 1997, GM sought greater efficiencies in providing technical service support related to the North American vehicles exported to international markets. At that time, each of the GM divisions prepared and provided the information related to its exported vehicle lines to the approximately 40 Master Trainers worldwide. A more efficient strategy was needed to improve training quality (eliminating redundancy and addressing Trainers’ as well as customer needs), reduce training costs, and respond quickly to ad hoc requests for training in specific foreign markets.

How we helped
In close collaboration with the GM customer, the Raytheon Launch Training Team designs, delivers and manages the International Train the Trainer (T3) Programme. This programme brings the Master Trainers to Detroit from their bases in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East several times a year for five to seven days of intensive training on the North American-built vehicles exported to their regions. The programme includes:

  • A thorough examination of vehicle features and functions, and technical service information, presented by experts from GM and Raytheon
  • Related business and process overviews by GM SMEs
  • Numerous hands-on diagnostic exercises
  • The provision of extensive technical service information, including component and system features and diagnostic procedures, in electronic format

The Master Trainers utilise what they learn to deliver training in their respective markets, translating the materials they receive into their native languages to educate local service personnel on product features and servicing protocols. The Launch Training Team also provides additional support throughout the year to the Master Trainers and managers of the global business units, including:

  • Two quarterly on-line newsletters. The first one provides news on NA IPC T3 sessions and global training events, and the second features technical articles about the exported vehicles.
  • Fulfilment of material requests in a variety of formats, including videotape, DVD, CBT and CD
  • Monthly conference calls to the different regions to discuss training needs.
  • Access to a dedicated subject matter expert to answer service technical questions
  • Total administrative services, including all travel arrangements
  • Ad hoc service technical training for specific regions upon request, delivered by Raytheon instructors either in the Detroit area or in the local country.

Raytheon continually measures the quality of the training sessions and the evaluations of the participants, and provides management reports to its GM customer to track progress.

Raytheon has been handling the “Train-the-Trainer” process for the NA IPC since 1998, through a series of contracts. The initial contract award was predicated on a positive previous experience the client had with Raytheon and its professional, analytical approach to designing learning strategies. The contract has been renewed and expanded since that time.

Business results
In 2008, Raytheon delivered more than 8,400 student hours of training in T3 sessions and in training overseas. The participants have rated all aspects of recent sessions “highly satisfactory”; scores currently average 4.61 on a 5-point scale. The invigorated programme has strengthened and improved customer relationships in all regions, most significantly in the Middle East. Additionally, GM benefits from reduced operating expenses related to material development and training delivery costs. Much of the savings was derived from leveraging many of the materials developed by Raytheon to train GM dealership technicians in North America.

Client testimonial
"Looking over the participant evaluations of the latest T3 session, it seems the RPS team has raised the bar to heights previously considered unattainable. This is a terrific accomplishment, and it’s indicative of the effort and attention to detail that went into the entire programme this year."

Jim Grosh
Manager, Training Readiness
General Motors North American International Product Centre – 2002-June 2005

"Continuous feedback received from a variety of our international customers repeatedly reaffirms that the Raytheon Professional Services Training team provides significantly improved delivery of core, critical technical and product information in a format and setting that is conducive to increasingly focused learning and retention of material. The services provided have continued to improve consistently in both content and delivery quality over the past several years having invariably met or exceeded our customer expectations."

Knud Philipp
Assistant Director – Aftersales and Quality
General Motors North American International Product Centre – July 2005 to current