Featured Case Study

Raytheon Partners with a Local Utility Company to Transform its Organisation Through Learning

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) provides a local utility company with comprehensive learning outsourcing services that result in cost reductions and enhanced employee development and performance.

A Michigan utility, this organisation is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Operating units include an electric utility serving 2.2 million customers in Southeastern Michigan, a natural gas utility serving 1.2 million customers in Michigan and other non-utility, energy businesses focused on power and industrial projects, coal and gas midstream, unconventional gas production and energy trading.

Business need
In 2005, senior executives embarked upon an organisational strategy to ensure the organisation’s on-going success. Deregulation, consolidation among providers, and the search for renewable energy sources resulted in significant upheaval in the energy industry. The client’s Chief Executive Officer recognised that such a change demanded innovation and discipline. As a result, they decided to strategically outsource select, non-core functions to "drive costs down and develop administrative processes that provide value to both employees and customers."

The utility was challenged to ensure their more than 10,000+ employees were compliant with their regulatory and safety training. Pulling employees away from their jobs to meet training requirements resulted in lost productivity and increased cost. The utility had to look for alternative, quality training solutions. Consequently the utility decided to partner with a training organisation that had extensive experience in the learning industry—Raytheon Professional Services. A major obstacle was the utility’s acceptance of a blended solution. Instructor-led training was the primary delivery method for employees, focusing heavily on safety and regulatory training for all business units. In addition to the acceptance of blended learning, they rolled out enterprise wide SAP with a LSO (learning management database) that encompasses all training activities both current and historical. This was a significant change for both the employees and for RPS to manage from a training perspective.

How we helped
After assessing the capabilities of several outsourcing firms, the client chose RPS because of our depth of experience in creating and delivering cost-effective technical training that utilises the latest in blended learning technologies. RPS also excelled in that they offered training expertise from a local company office, all services are delivered from on-shore U.S. workers.

The initial step in this transformation process was to conduct a thorough analysis of the content of the hundreds of existing service technical courses, as well as their training delivery process. Based on this information, RPS provided services across the full value-stream of learning, which included:

  • Curriculum analysis & learning design
  • Courseware development (instructor-led and web-based)
  • Learning delivery (instructors in classrooms + online courseware)
  • Testing and performance evaluation of learners (Level I, II and III)
  • Learning administration (scheduling, rosters, records retention, educational assistance/tuition reimbursement (ETAP) Contact Centre (Learning “Help Desk” or “Call Centre”)
  • Learning reports and metrics to track expirations and compliance for safety-related certifications and job-related qualifications
  • Technology support for the client’s SAP LSO
  • New delivery media unavailable within the client prior to the outsource (i.e., webinars, virtual classroom training, proctored web-based training)

Business results
Working with RPS, the client continues to experience constant improvement in several key areas within their learning organisation including strategic alignment, quality, capability, efficiency, and cost. Additionally, the client has realised a number of important benefits:

  • RPS' significant Six Sigma capability was combined with the client’s strong continuous improvement methodologies to develop and implement several process improvement initiatives within the learning programme
  • The client’s employees have been participating in the new training programme and many are taking advantage of the 24/7 availability of web based courses
  • The client transitioned learning to a blended model while continuing to achieve target learner satisfaction ratings for all media types

Customer Testimonial
The following excerpt is from “2008 Training Strategy Overview,” presented to senior leadership by Raymond Kelly IV, Director for Technical Training and Safety, a senior leader of the learning organisation:

"Our best-in-class service provider is leveraging their networks for improved training development, delivery, administration, and measurement. Best-in-class training service providers offer advantages: accelerated transformation, proven high-quality non-specialized training, speed and accuracy, efficient administration and tactical processing, management/maintenance of world-class tools and technology, appropriate measurement/monitoring practices, e-learning technology that otherwise would be cost prohibitive, lower overall cost structure to our organisation, and allows a more variable cost model in the future."