Featured Case Study

Defining and Enhancing an Aerospace Organisation’s Training Process and Plan

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) evaluated a major North American aerospace organisation’s training development processes, and provided solutions to improve training impact and efficiency.

Business need?
After benchmarking several organisations, a major North American aerospace organisation chose RPS to perform a Training Needs Analysis’ of their existing training curriculum. This analysis was sensible due to several factors including: (1) The adoption of a new approach to training for two major audiences within the organisation; (2) The start up of another major, multi-year, multi-million dollar programme and the goal to operate that new programme at a 50 percent reduction over the previous programme; and (3) The need to reduce operations costs. The overall objective for RPS was to provide recommendations on ways to improve the current training development processes or to confirm that the existing processes were satisfactory. The goal was to create a curriculum that trained to the optimal number of work tasks—not one too many nor one too few thus eliminating waste and content redundancy within the curriculum path.

How we helped
Raytheon’s Performance Consultants’ applied a systems engineering approach to the creation of the training curriculum. This included analysis of the newly defined job positions, a breakdown of how the work is performed and measured, creation and definition of the training objectives, and integration of the existing curricula using its proven Architect™ process (adapted to meet the client’s needs) with the training approach. The goal was to define and enhance the training process and plan. Raytheon provided the expertise and capability to partner with the customer and recommend a Curriculum Development Plan based on analysis and evaluation of the customer’s current initiatives.

Business results
RPS’ analysis approach has been refined over many years based on best industry practices for developing curricula that may also include certification in heavily regulated industries. By breaking down or “deconstructing” the client’s work areas and knowledge and skills, these elements were repackaged into a blended learning solution with a double digit percentage of savings. This approach lowered certification times by making what is packaged within each lesson more efficient, and better addressing the needs of the new workforce. The solutions RPS delivered will influence the way their client trains its workforce for many years to come