Featured Case Study

Raytheon’s Convertix™ Enables Affordable Training for a Company’s Ongoing Needs

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) used its Convertix course conversion solution to enable Web delivery of training originally created for the rollout of APEX and PRISM at a global training, logistics and engineering solutions company. The new Web-based materials make affordable training continually available to anyone who needs it — new hires, employees taking on new roles or previously trained employees who want to refresh or broaden their knowledge.

Business Need
APEX and PRISM are SAP based systems that the Fortune 100 company began deploying across its businesses in 2011 to manage business data. APEX has a finance focus, while PRISM supports operations. When the rollout of these new systems occurred, entire organisations within the company received instructor-led training (ILT) just before the cutover. Once the existing work force was trained, additional ILT was costly to deliver to the relatively few people who would require it on an ongoing basis across widely dispersed locations. In addition, the in-house subject matter experts who had served as instructors had returned to their normal duties and were not readily available to travel.

How We Helped
RPS was challenged to make affordable training continuously available for occasional or pop-up needs. Convertix provided a cost-effective way to transform existing ILT content into Web-based training (WBT) courses that could be delivered effectively on-demand. At the same time, we designed the WBT courses to be used as refresher material or training for career growth by those already certified.

The initial step in the transformation process was to conduct a thorough analysis of the existing content, comprising seven original ILT courses. These varied in length from 2–4 hours and were delivered by subject matter experts who travelled to centrally located sites to train large groups in classroom settings.

Our conversion approach involved collaborating with the in-house instructors who were experts at teaching the courses. For example, the RPS training team carefully collected the verbal commentary that accompanied the instructors’ PowerPoint presentations and optimised it for delivery in written form on the Web. We used our proprietary tools and processes to develop the courseware from the PowerPoint slides and even captured the exercises performed during ILT delivery.

Subject matter experts reviewed the completed WBT courses for accuracy and effectiveness. Pilot testing ensured that the courses functioned as expected and met all requirements.

Business Results
Nearly all of the costs associated with training delivery were eliminated by the WBT solution — including the costs for student or instructor travel and the “performance penalty” associated with taking instructors away from their normal duties to teach a handful of students on a pop-up basis.

RPS’ Convertix services successfully addressed the complete learning value-stream, from curriculum analysis and learning design through Web-based courseware development and delivery.