Case Studies

Case Studies


Outsourcing employee training programmes to Raytheon Professional Services is an efficient and cost-effective way to produce measurable performance results. Browse the case studies below to learn how RPS’ global learning solutions helped organisations in a range of industries and regions achieve their business goals

Outsourced Training in Action

Raytheon’s Convertix™ Enables Affordable Training for a Company’s Ongoing Needs.
RPS used its Convertix course conversion solution to enable Web delivery of training originally created for the rollout of APEX and PRISM at a global training, logistics and engineering solutions company.

RPS provides virtual training solutions to NOAA.
Providing a 3D "virtual world" learning experience for professionals and educators in the field of climate science.

Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Strategic Leadership Capabilities at a Global Financial Services Company.
The University of Chicago (UC) Booth School of Business, which conducts an executive leadership development programme, used RPS to design a survey, collect the data and analyze the results.

Improving the Performance of a Retail Network in China.
To meet growing sales demand, an auto manufacturer in China outsourced employee training to RPS to improve the competency of its sales staff.

Implementing a New Finance Curriculum to Create a World-Class Financial Organisation.
To transform and grow its finance organisation, a major aerospace and defence provider relied on RPS to develop and deploy a comprehensive curriculum, tool sets, communication channels and processes.

Re-skilling Employees to Work in a Re-tooled Manufacturing Plant in North America.
RPS designed, delivered and managed an integrated learning solution for a major engine manufacturer that faced a new product release that required enhanced employee training programmes.

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Voice of the Market

Raytheon Professional Services excels at managing large scale, highly complex training solutions and helps companies resolve their most complex training needs by helping them align learning with their organisation’s business goals.

Doug Harward
Learning Industry